The Reasons for Law firm SEO (search engine optimization)

Lawyers are in business just like anyone else, and in order to thrive, there is a need for a continual flow of new customers. The competition is fierce, so anything that can be done to draw attention to a particular law firm practice in a positive is a real plus.

Search engine optimization is a process where a website is built and designed to focus on the key words that people are searching for in the search engines on the Internet, such as Google, Bing, and others. If there are lots of people looking for “divorce” or “divorce lawyer” and that is the field that you specialize in as an attorney, then you want a good share of those searches coming to your website.

So it is very important, that when an individual searches for a lawyer in any particular category, that they find your law firm on the first page of the search engine, preferably in the top three rankings. A “keyword” is what individuals use to search for an attorney, and that is the single, most defining process that needs to be identified.

Most law firms gain clients by the way of Lawyer referrals, and you can look at a person finding your law firm through a search engine search that they have just completed, as being a similar method of a lawyer marketing strategy.

So, a law firm should hire a company who specializes in the Lawyer SEO (search engine optimization) process. This would be a company who handles all phases of this process, from optimizing your main website, and setting up and running a social media strategy, as well as a mobile marketing strategy.

Statistics tell us that up to 60% of all internet searches are conducted from people’s mobile devices. If your SEO strategy does not include this method of catching the attention of potential clients, you will be missing out on a large chunk of new business.

People want to do business with someone they know and trust, but how  can they get that warm, fuzzy feeling about their lawyer, unless they come in to the office and meet you? If you have a professionally prepared, and well-organized SEO strategy, then it is possible to draw potential people to your practice.

It is all done with what is called “Attraction Marketing,” where enough exposure and incentive is put forth to draw people in. People are really not backward, but they are, in many cases, simply uninformed.

When people find you, as they will with the proper SEO for lawyers technique, that is only part of the battle, as you must give them enough information that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack. This is where your expertise and track record comes in as a distinguishing factor.

When interviewing various companies who work in this field, be sure to ask for results from current clients with whom they have been successful. Many will list their clients on their  own websites, which shows a very open and confident attitude, as you can just call the clients listed and get an idea of what you are getting into.

Lets Get Into Some Tips You Can Do Now

It is very common for attorneys to have websites that are not easy to find on the web. They may create a beautiful website, but due to its construction, and the backlinks pointing to it, it’s not conducive for page 1 ranking. Being found on the Internet can increase your income multifold, but you need to know what to do. Here are some tips on using search engine optimization to rank a law firm website, helping any attorney to generate more revenue from the web.

Basics Of SEO

Understanding the basics of search engine optimization is the starting point for most people trying to rank their website today. They need to understand what on-site optimization is, as well as off-site optimization, to give themselves the best possible chance of ranking well in the serps. On-site optimization has to do with the structure of your website and what Google and other search engines are looking for when ranking sites and blogs. Off-site optimization refers primarily to the links pointing back to your website, and the anchor text that is used. Let’s look at each of these individually so that you will know exactly what to do to improve your ranking online.

On-Site Optimization Techniques

The first step of this process is to structure your website in what is called a silo structure. All of the articles that are posted in each of these categories should only link to the silo it is in. A silo, or category, is designated by a specific keyword and the content in that silo must be consistent. You should also refrain from linking to other areas of your website that are not specifically related. You should also have outbound anchor text pointing to authority sites that the search engines find relevant. This will cater to their need to provide good content for those searching on the Internet, clearly showing that you are trying to help people that will find your website.

Off-Site Optimization Techniques

The easiest way to describe off-site optimization is essentially in a backlink that points to your website. For instance, if you have an article with a link pointing back to your main law firm page, or a post on Facebook pointing back to a sub page in one of your silos, this is off-site optimization. The anchor text, or the blue link that people click to visit your website, should vary considerably. You should never use the same keyword over and over if you truly want to use backlinking to your advantage. If you think about it, normal links will not all use the same keyword as different people will link to you for different reasons. That’s why proper off-site optimization requires you to get backlinks from multiple locations, multiple IP addresses, and a high degree of variance in the backlinking text.

The final concept to consider is making sure that your law firm website has unique relevant content. It should also be updated on a regular basis to show that you are trying to provide good content for potential clients that find you on the web. A stagnant website will not rank as well is one that is updated regularly. Therefore, use all of these tips, coordinating your efforts, in an attempt to boost your law firm website to the top of the search engine rankings.