Linking Strategies Guide 2019 – What Strategy And Tactics Gets The Best Links for SEO?

Linking Strategies 2018, This Is Your Essential Authority Guide On Getting The Absolutely Best Links For 2018 Ranking. Only Use This Backlink Strategy Guide If You Really Wish To Grow!

This linking strategies 2019 guide, is the most cutting edge source you will get. Quality links provide the life blood, that powers your website to authority.

To Rank Well Your Link Strategy Is Critical To Your Success

Having the best link strategy has always been important.

If your strategy or tactics for getting links is below par, then your site will be under powered.

If You Fail To Get The Best Links Possible, Then Your Competitors Will Keep Thrashing You Down.

Day in, and day out.

If you have been languishing behind your competition.

It is likely because of the perception Google has of your site.

So use each different linking strategy, and all the various tactics to ensure you rank well. Power your site only with quality links. Then, enjoy the traffic that flows to you as a result of each backlink.

You absolutely have to power your website up. In the best way possible. And also in a way that Google is happy with. With backlinks Google likes. Hence the focus on quality links. You do after all, want your site to stay up at the top. Above your competition. For the long term. Right.

Every backlink counts. Along With every trust building strategy here.

So this guide will take you through the various backlink tactics and strategies that you can use. Plus you will find insight about link value that blows your mind in here. Backlink value has changed!

Seriously, 2018 ranking and linking strategy finds a curve ball in the mix.

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The Link Building Guide For 2019 Roadmap Strategy Points

  1. To Rank Well Your Link Strategy Is Critical To Your Success
  2. If You Fail To Get The Best Links Possible, Then Your Competitors Will Keep Thrashing You Down.     
  3. 2018 Requires A Totally Different Approach For Most Peoples Link Strategy
  4. What Has Changed With Backlinks? Critical Linking Points To Be Aware Of Now
  5. Backlink Placement Getting The Best From Links In 2018
  6. Linking Strategies 2018 Where To Get Quality Links And Traffic From To Rank Well
  7. The Main Link Building Strategies Covered in Here
  8. Link Building Techniques, Tactics and Strategies To Avoid Like The Plague In 2018
  9. Strategy: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Backlinks And Backlink Building In 2018
  10. The Top Solo Strategies Again For Getting The Best With Backlinks In 2018
  11. Backlinks: Adaptive Strategy For Mitigation And Evolution With Google And Backlink Value
  12. 2018 Time To Develop An Asymmetric Linking Method For Naturally Gaining Backlinks
  13. Backlink Lessons From Nature
  14. Migrating Your Site To A Natural Backlink Profile With A Broad Building Strategy In 2018
  15. Building Links Creating Your Primary Focus And Building Strategy
  16. But I Am Just Starting! How Do I Get The Backlink Ball Rolling And Rank A New Site In 2018?
  17. The Second Foundation Point For New Sites And Link Building Strategy In 2018
  18. Having Gained Some Traffic You Can Start Building Links Using Different Strategies
  19. Building Strategy For The Next Phases
  20. Mentions Are Now Justified Due To The Ranking Effects That Come From Your Backlinks And Content
  21. Wikipedia Backlinks The Crowning Jewels That Solidify Authority
  22. Linking Strategies 2018 A Final Word On Authority, Strategy And Tactics For Building Links And Link Success


2018 Requires A Totally Different Approach For Most Peoples Link Strategy

Every year the goal posts change.

Every year the target for what is needed of each and every link, gets tighter. And tighter.

2019 has seen backlink valuing move to a whole new level. And understanding what you need from your links, has come to a point where unless you seriously understand, your site could be picking up nasty Google penalties fast. And the 2019 strategy expands way beyond direct backlink valuations.

Roll Back 5 Years And Link Strategies Were Almost Non-Existent

5 years ago an SEO could do just about anything to get links.

And those backlinks would still get a great effect.

Those days are long gone. RIP.

What Has Changed With Backlinks? Critical Linking Points To Be Aware Of Now

Google has refined. It does so constantly. Something to be thankful of!

With every refinement, Google gets better at serving what users actually want. Remember this, it has gone a long way beyond the weight of backlinks alone!

One of the critical components involved here, is the understanding of authority.

Of the value your website, truly has.

Relevance Has Become A Critical Element Of Linking And Ranking

How does Google determine the relevance of your site?

The short of this largely is down to, where your links are coming from.

If your links are coming from a mash up of web 2.0s, generic blogs and sites about kittens when you site is about internet marketing. Then you are going to have a problem.

Every link is effectively seen as a vote of confidence in your website.

Sure every vote, or backlink, counts. But when proportionality comes into effect then every vote, i.e. backlink, carries a different weight.

Google has a proportionality system with links.

So one critical point for your link strategy is to ensure that your links are coming from sites which are related. Sites which are covering the same topic as yours. Perhaps slightly different, for example a link from a web design site, to an SEO site would be totally OK. Backlinks are not valued on pure face value.

They are related. They have understandable purpose in being matched and together.

Puppies and SEO less so.

Though for the greatest power you want to get a link from someone doing the same thing you are.

A SEO site linking to another SEO site for example.

To hard to get those links?

That is the point!

Google has always seen links as a value source for ranking. Links are generally difficult to get. So in getting quality links, it believes that your website holds value.

By getting a good link from someone in the same field. Doing the same thing as you.

Well then you must be doing something good.

You have to have CREDIBILITY to get those links!

Hence those backlinks hold very high value.

This is just one of the critical ways backlink value and linking has changed for 2018.

Linking The Effect Of Placement Type On Link Value And Power

Again, cast your mind back.

It used to be that any link. Anywhere on a site. Would give great effect.

That then shifted, to wanting homepage links. Largely due to the power that they transmitted. Basically because the way power was calculated was higher then, for all homepages, than it was for inner pages. So homepage backlinks, were like gold.

All that has changed, since relevance started being part of the equation.

Whilst homepage links are still good. As long as those links are coming from related sites. Those backlinks, are no longer necessarily the best.

How your links appear has also become critically important.

Backlink Placement Getting The Best From Links In 2018

The critical element in placement in 2019, is how the link appears in context with the rest of the content around it. Again, backlinks are not taken on face value in 2019.

Sidebar links and standalone links, are now far less valuable.

Links within body content, have far more value.

Provided it is related content.

And there is a lot more to backlink value. Way in advance of that.

Gaining a link within a piece of content. In an article related to what you do. That has power.

Having your business properly cited within that content. In addition to the link, has even more value. Openly being mentioned adds a little extra twist. That Google sees as giving more CREDIBILITY. You can see where this is going. Right. Raw backlinks have ceased to be the focus.

Get a full article about you. With your link inside the body content.

Ding ding! You are a winner!

Those kind of links have become insanely valuable.

With good reason too. Getting links like that, especially in 2018, is incredibly hard. And the harder links are to get, the more valuable those links absolutely have to be.


Linking Strategies 2019 Where To Get Quality Links And Traffic From To Rank Well

There is a diverse range of strategies and tactics you can follow for building links. There are a stack of different SEO experts out there, that will tell you different things regarding backlinks. Some of which is total BS, from people who are unable to rank their own sites.

A quick check will show you that ranks for the best search terms, in the best cities. Backlinks have been a very important part of this.

So you know that when it comes to linking and building links, Kotton Grammar Media has the process nailed down, to a fine art.

Seriously. We have backlink strategy and traffic generation down to a fine art.

There is a lot to cover here about the art of building links. Particularly, the art of building quality links. And even more importantly about gaining amazing, beautiful natural links.

There are some key strategies to look at, for your link building efforts. And some of them will surprise.

Keep a careful look out for the secrets hidden within!

Seriously, there are secrets that will serve you really well in your backlink quest in here!


The Main Link Building Strategies Covered in Here

So settle in. Get your notebook ready. And pay close attention.

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Guest Posting Your Strategy To Get Links For Power And Traffic

Guest posting has been said to be dead as a linking tactic by a lot of SEO experts.

Seriously, the way they did it is dead.

Google is clever. Wise indeed. They know when people are trying to game the system and just get links.

They also recognise when links are earned. Quality links.

There is that focus again, quality links.

Everything is about quality now. Everyone wants quality. And Google has become much better at sniffing out quality links and working out what are spammy links.

Guest Posting On Quality Sites For Quality Links Or How To Make Your Links Count

The age old method, which is dead now, thankfully! Was to write spammy content and just post it on any site you could find. Regardless of site quality, and grab that backlink. After all, a link is a link right. And the more links you have the better. Right?


Fewer links can actually be more powerful, now!

One of the key points with the change in how Google grades link value is to do with traffic. If a link passes no traffic, or if no traffic ever goes to the page or site where a link is placed, that link will have little value. It becomes meaningless. Backlinks are far from what they used to be.

So the goal for you now is to get your links, get your content, on quality sites.

The higher the quality of the site, the better.

Make this your focus for real backlink value!

When guest posting, you need to be posting content on sites that have traffic and relevance.

When these sites have lots of traffic, they generally have a lot of inbound links too. So they tend to have a lot of domain authority, which is beneficial. But, when you are working in a very tight niche, something few people are involved with, such power is likely to be less.

Huffington Post is huge and powerful. It is also very general. So whilst do-follow links from there have a lot of raw power. They are unfocused. So in certain ways they have less value than a highly niche related site, that passes traffic. Seriously, this is how Google is working with links in 2018.

There are other reasons why a backlink from there can still be valuable though!

The answer why is way below!

As a further note, do-follow links from Huffington Post are almost impossible to get now. Largely due to scandal about people buying links from them. Something which led to the majority of external links being switched to no-follow.

No-follow can still be good. But realistically only if those backlinks are passing traffic. That is, if those links are actually demonstrating they have real value.

Links from authority sites are great, just make sure those backlinks are niche related!

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For this, your strategy is to go through finding all the quality sites in your niche, that accept guest posts. And naturally allow you to create a backlink, within them. Not all allow linking!

You then need to make sure that the content you create for them, is impeccably good.

Otherwise your guest post and backlink may never go up.

A lot of good SEO agencies and consultants, now focus on putting better quality posts on guest post sites, than on their own site.

When Linking Why Put Higher Quality Content On A Guest Posting Site Than Your Own?

Straight up, because of the power it brings you.

This is many fold.

For one you want the power from that site to help you rank well.

You also want the traffic from that site too. You want to siphon people away via your link to show value to Google.

The use of incredibly high quality content also serves as, link bait.

You are creating these guest posts for the link value, and traffic you wish to get.

If you make them incredibly high quality, then people will link to them. Ergo the strength of the links you place on that guest post, become greater. Much greater.

Stop focusing on a quick backlink. It is a false economy.

Focus on doing things so that, people naturally build your backlinks for you.

Plus as more people link to the guest post it starts to rank well itself. Meaning more people see it, and potentially visit your site. Which is you goal effectively, more traffic. And potentially more people then either link to your guest post, or potentially your own site. The backlinks can snowball. And the value of that single link grows massively.

So everything about using high quality guest posts for high quality links makes you a winner!

So invest in great content.

You are indirectly investing in backlinks by doing so.

If you have to, get a seriously good copywriter to create it for you.

The benefit is beyond measure in terms of the value such links provide you. Plus content has been stated by Google, as being one of the major components in rankings. Combine well ranked content, with the other strategy points you will find below. And the value of each backlink you gain, becomes magnified.

Outreach The Art Of Inducing Bloggers To Link To You Of Their Own Free Will

Outreach is an exceptionally good strategy for getting quality links in 2018.

There is a correlation here. A pattern you should have noticed, about linking for 2018.

Real sites, provide the best backlinks!

Stop using PBNs! Backlinks from PBNs will kill your business.

Outreach Gets You Quality Links On Real Sites With Real Traffic You Can Use

In 2018, more than ever before, and this is here to stay, you need quality links. Outreach is a smooth way to get amazing backlinks ethically. Using any other type of link is like saying you are ready to close your business. At a moments notice.

Google gets better and better at discerning spammy backlinks, from quality links on a daily basis. It is part of them fulfilling their mission of creating, the best user experience possible.

Google has always thought links were the best measure of site value. Again, quality links are hard to get. So those links do have real value.

Hence the reason for using outreach as a strategy for link building.

As long as you are earning links, from real sites, Google is happy. And as such will reward you.

They will shower you with more impressions, and better visibility. Because you have quality links.

To get those links, you have to do something to demonstrate value for the person you are reaching out to. You have to do something for them. Non-monetary! Otherwise you are paying for a link, and that is infringing Google’s terms of service, and will bring a penalty.

Your links have to come naturally. You have to earn your links. And outreach is a great strategy for bringing in those backlinks with a degree of ease. Especially with the link building hunt that is driving the Google algorithm in 2018.

So, what can you offer site owners that will make them want to link to you?

NOTE: That Awesome 2,000 Word Post You Wrote Is Not Reason Enough For Them To Link To You!

NOTE: That Awesome 2,000 Word Post You Wrote Is Not Reason Enough For Them To Link To You!

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You have to provide more tangible value when using outreach to get links. What could you do that would have a blogger, or site owner tripping over themselves as they rush to offer you a link?

Think about your service, or products.

Think about the sites you are doing outreach to.

What possible fit can you create, that would induce them to link?

Outreach is an exceptionally powerful strategy to use. In fact, in terms of building links, and strategies for organically gaining powerful backlinks in 2018. Outreach is possibly one of the best ways of sourcing quality backlinks.

You get fresh, quality links. On real sites. These are the types of links, that Google loves. And with the way the Google algorithm is now working, these links also start giving you benefit faster than older linking strategies. So please forget the tactics you used to gain backlinks, even those as recently as 12 months ago! 2018 is very different.

And to get these highly relevant quality links, you have to have something to offer in return.

This linking strategy requires a reasonable amount of leg work too.

You will need to work through your outreach process with a lot of bloggers, and site owners. You are building relationships, in order to build links. To get a blogger to link to you they have to like you. You have to build rapport. You have to give them value. Then you will earn your nice backlink!

Whether you are offering a free product for them to review.

Or some other inducement.

Unless they like you, they will never link to you.

Outreach Strategy – First Contact Is Critical To Stand A Chance Of Gaining A Link

Bloggers and site owners get deluged by outreach requests.

Think about it. How many SEO companies want backlinks for clients?

So copying and pasting the same email to everyone, is going to get your emails spam boxed.

Thus, no backlink. Just wasted effort.

This is an intimate process. You are doing your best to make friends. It is like a seduction in many ways. Slowly but surely taking them to the point where they are ready to give you what you want.

You are gently leading them along the path to the point where they offer to link to you.

They know you want their link.

But they are only going to let you have that link when they trust you.

You only get to enjoy their link when they feel ready to give it to you.

Their site is valuable to them. They protect it. Care about it. They don’t just go around linking to everyone they meet. You are building a special relationship here. One that gets you that quality link you want so badly.

So take your time. Be nice. Treat them right.

Then you will get your link!

Broken Link Building Is It Still A Good Strategy For Linking In 2018?

Broken link building can be good. It can also be bad. And often it is time consuming to get links switched out too.

As with outreach, when doing broken link building leg work is needed to get quality links.

Again it is seriously advisable to, build relationships with site owners. At the very least when suggesting new links, you need to be doing so in a manner that has the site owner seeing the benefit to them, of changing the link.

No Benefit = No Change = No Backlink For You.

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Taking time to properly read through their site. To check their content. Then relate to it, in your carefully written email. Is essential. Hence why this strategy for link building takes time.

Though with outreach, you are building a deeper relationship.

With broken link building coming across as helpful, can be enough, to get you the link you are after.

Broken Link Building Strategy – Keep Your Focus On Quality Sites When Targeting Links

Using SEO software to scrape a ton of sites and the blanket emailing you could land you with a Google penalty fast. Care and caution is required if you wish for this strategy to work.

Yes, I know, you want the quick and easy option.

But believe me, you really don’t.

Unless you are getting a seriously expert SEO to do the work for you that is.

When sourcing links via broken link building yourself diligence is the key.

Target quality links and sites only.

As with everything else you have read here. You are looking for good websites. Ones with real traffic and a following ideally too. Places where the links are of real value, to the site visitors. Links that you stand a real chance of getting traffic from. Those are the links worth targeting, and putting the work in to get.

That is the only way the broken link building strategy works in 2018.

Links on sites that get no traffic. Links on pages with zero visibility. Those type of backlinks put your website at risk. They are perilous links, which can land you in the sin bin. With a penalty. Fast.

Plus, sites with traffic tend to have good strength. Due to the backlinks they have themselves. So a preloaded backlink, where the target is being switched to a live one. Well that is a powerful link to get.

Put the work in. Focus on quality links.

Then links gained from broken link building will serve you well.

Blogging How To Earn Quality Links From Creating Amazing Content

Link bait.

That is what this is about.

You have to create content that is, amazing.

That people literally feel compelled to start building links to it for you.

Blogging like this takes a huge degree of effort. Reckon a 500 word post is going to do that? Think again. Quality links are a valuable resource. Something which has been mentioned here time and again.

So to get people to voluntarily link to your work, just because they love it is going to take something amazing! How often do you give someone a backlink because you liked their post or site?

On average, Google page one content is now over 1,500 words in length!

[clickToTweet tweet=”On average, Google page one content is now over 1,500 words in length!” quote=”On average, Google page one content is now over 1,500 words in length!” theme=”style5″]

But not just a rambling 1,500 words.

It is in excess of 1,500 words of well crafted, skilfully written content.

To earn links, your content has to reach into people on a whole new level.

Your content has to hit emotions, logic. The soul even.

If you want real links. Backlinks that come without solicitation or inducement.

You have to produce the incredible.

Ever wondered why skilled copywriters and SEO copywriters are paid so much?

It is because of the value, that comes from what they produce. In part, due to its compelling nature. Compelling content, that is strong enough to get people to naturally link to it.

These are the links that Google really loves. The backlinks it really wants to see!

This type of linking, is what Google’s algorithm was all about when Google first started.

It is this type of content, that Google based its valuing of links on.

Because if your content, whether it be from blogging or core pages, is so well loved. That people naturally link to it. Then it has to be, good. Or amazing even. And that is the value that Google wishes to serve to people within the search results. With that content it sees backlinks as justified.

Incredibly well written content ranks well for many reasons. Aside from the links that come.

When your content fulfils the user intent (UI) of the searcher. And also provides a quality user experience (UE/UX) too. The metrics Google sees cause an increase in impressions and rankings.

Plus by creating that amazing UE/UX and fulfilling UI, you gain natural, quality links.

Generating, and then bringing traffic to content of this level is potentially the best link building strategy in 2018.

Because it is so natural.

How Do You Get The Initial Traffic To High Quality Blogging And Site Content Without Rankings?

Trigger a cascade via social sharing.


Alternatively kick start some traffic via other posts and pages you do outreach or guest posting for.

Then channel traffic onto the premium work you have created.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Focus more on gaining traffic than getting backlinks. Build traffic and backlinks follow.” quote=”Focus more on gaining traffic than getting backlinks. Build traffic and backlinks follow.” theme=”style5″]

This is content that can go viral at times. Which means the opportunity for even more natural links.

Invest in creating amazing content. And your link building can take care of itself. That extra time, diligently researching and producing something amazing. Or getting an incredible copywriter to create it for you. Can save you a stack of time, and energy, getting links in other ways.

Plus with the UI and UE/UX properly taken care of, your content will rise through the rankings even faster.

Ensure the on-page SEO is nailed down fully. Zero part measures. No “should be good” type thoughts should ever be entertained. I mean fully nailed down, hard. Verified that every on-page SEO factor is taken care of. Your strategy here is to focus on giving people what they want, not just gaining backlinks because you want them.

Do that and content just sails up the rankings!

And naturally draws great links too.


Whether it is for your site. Or, for a guest posting piece. Create content that your competitors are UNABLE TO COMPETE WITH.

Then promote it socially and watch the link magic happen.

It is a very different way for most in SEO of working. It brings serious magic though.

For a start you become rapidly noticed and associated with excellence. You reputation sky rockets. And as a result brings you more traffic and more attention.

Which was your goal anyway!

To rank well via linking was just one method of achieving it. Now you can double down and win so much bigger and so much more effectively. If content is poor then eventually the effect of backlinks will dilute. Others will come with better content, that fulfils the UI and UE/UX people seek. Then your backlinks will seriously diminish in value. And you will chasing to get fresh backlinks at hyper-speed.

Change your strategy today. Start making the best of 2018.

Focus on incredible quality content that people will love. Then enjoy the attention it brings you.

Along with all those amazing natural links too!

High quality content and blogging has exceptional power. Even without a ton of backlinks!

Infographics Are They Still Worthwhile As Part Of A Strategy To Get Links In 2018?

Yes! And, no!

This echoes through the previous statements about gaining natural links, through high quality content.

When infographics were new on the scene. Everything was #AWESOME!!!

Fast forward to now. How many infographics have you seen? How often do you see them?

What is you general reaction on seeing them? How often do you link to them yourself?

As with content of any type. Blog posts, long form articles, images, videos, the lot. Unless there is something compelling, then the reaction is going to be “meh” or, “that’s nice” at best. Before swiftly moving on.

For infographics to work, and they still can. They have to be amazing.

Only when they have real value. And people truly love them. Will they gain links.

And yes, people use them as part of outreach every day. But just because you think your new infographic is cool is zero measure as to whether others will think that. Unless you are David Oglivy or someone of his skill when it comes to marketing.

Link Building Techniques To Focus On With Infographics

The first, most core element, to be handled prior to any tactics or other strategies element is…

Ensure your infographic is amazing and looks amazing.

You are expecting people to link to it. So give them compelling reason to start sending those links.

Use a professional. Invest in the infographic. Get a really good graphic designer to create it for you. This is a long way off Fiverr territory. Think freelancer graphic artist rather than kid in a bedroom with a copy of illustrator! You are looking to gain natural backlinks. So invest accordingly to justify the backlinks you expect to gain.

Amazing infographic in hand, ready to receive those beautiful natural links, you need to create a jumping off point.

Somewhere to initiate the discoverability that gets your infographic noticed.

That gets you the attention, and traffic which will trigger natural link building.

Who are you targeting your infographic at?

Where can you find them? On Pinterest? On LinkedIn? Somewhere else?

Do your home work! Cutting corners will get you proportionally poor results. The more corners you cut, the more you cut off your results. Thus the lower your chances of attracting links. And you really really want those links. Don’t you! After all, you have come this far through a seriously long article on link building strategies. So you must really want to earn a stack of good links.

Start applying that passion and desire, to earning links properly.

The more effort you put in, in a focused way. The more links you will earn as a result.

And, likely they will be the natural links, that Google loves.

Never sell yourself short. Put in the work.

Make yourself a backlink winner.

Or, get someone who can do it better than you think you can to do it for you!

If you are committed, then find people who are going to help you spread your infographic out wide. Your goal is different from backlinks at this point. It is about reach and coverage. Use whatever contacts you have. Leverage your relationships to give your content the best legs. Help it to gain traction so it can start pulling in links for you.

There is inertia to overcome with everything.

Once the momentum kicks in then you can let it snowball. As the links start firing in, and social awareness flies higher. You will thank yourself for just focusing on doing what was needed to start things moving. And those natural links will keep paying you back well into the future.

So while infographics can be hit and miss.

You now know, how to make them a hit for you, as part of your 2018 strategy for getting links.

Blog Commenting Is It Still A Worthwhile Strategy For Link Building?

Blog commenting as a strategy for link building has been dead for years.

Dead. And buried.


There are exceptions to almost everything. Even with link building, under certain circumstances.

Hold off from going and plastering your links everywhere. That would be far from wise!

The key to blog commenting as part of a link building strategy, is how it is done. If you just plaster up “Nice blog” or some other short comment, nothing good will come. Face it. Blog comment links are far from the quality links you really want powering up your site so that it ranks well.

Granted if you pick a really good site, with great content in your niche.

You will pick up a little relevance from the backlink.

But it will have a tiny effect.

Yes, of course if you keep adding small effects, then cumulatively those links will generate power.

But how much blog commenting, for comment section backlinks would that take? Plus most blog commenting sections, are now exclusively no-follow links to discourage blog commenting as a strategy for link building.


There is however a way you can turn blog commenting to your advantage.

But you have to select your linking targets very carefully. They have to be truly worthwhile. As the process is going to take time, and energy.

That’s right this manner of blog commenting as one of your tactics for gaining links, is far from quick.

But the really good links take time to get anyway.

Realistically to make this work well for your linking plans, you need to treat it like an outreach strategy. When you are commenting on someone’s blog, do it to create dialogue. Start building a relationship with the blogger or site owner.

As with outreach you are building a relationship, over time.

Effectively this can extend through into a type of guest posting initiative too.

Whilst the original form of blog commenting for backlinks was a linear attack. Straight out hit and run to get a link. This approach is far more asymmetric. You are hitting the objective of getting a link in a different manner. And you are going for backlinks which are far more valuable.

Work in a serious comment.

In doing so you are helping the blogger to expand their comments section.

Rather than just going for a quick, relatively useless link. You are giving the blogger something of value. Remember that was of key importance when doing outreach. Remember also that to rank well longer form content that is high quality performs better too.

Use all this to start building up something so that they either, voluntarily link to you. Or give you the option to post high quality content, on their site. Either way you are a winner. Because you then get a really solid link for your time.

Blog commenting just to get a quick link is dead as a strategy. It could kill your site if you do it enough times. Beware of spammy link profiles.

But used as a route in. For creating a relationship that leads to quality links.

Well that is something different entirely!

As always, focus on quality and getting good quality links.

Even if those links take time to get!

Citation Building How And When It Is Applicable As A Strategy For Links In 2018

Citation building is an important element of local SEO, though backlinks are rarely the key here.

With the developing trend of how Google analyses businesses. And values them on their worth. Backlinks are not what they used to be. The reality with citation building though has always been to create a trustworthy image for Google. Rather than just gain link after link, after link.

Though while the citation building process is not about each backlink that is gained. In raw form.

What it does do is reduce the number of backlinks required, for local ranking.

When Google notes that a business is real, via citations, it sees more value than that of a business with zero citations, and tons of backlinks.

Google wishes to present information which yields a quality user experience.

As such it wishes to promote real businesses. Not ones without a face, just because they have a stack of backlinks, bought to power them up.

Google has become highly aware, that many backlinks have been created by SEO experts, to rank their clients. SEO is the reason that they change their algorithm so often. SEO is the reason that the value of each link, and the relevance value of backlinks is constantly changing.

If every link was obtained without SEO, then potentially the algorithm may never have been changed. Ever.

But because people do go out and buy backlinks. Or create PBNs, just to get a stronger link from them. The valuing of such backlinks, has had to be altered.

Along with a stack of factors to do with the anchor text profile of backlinks, and far more.

Backlinks Are Far From Everything But Gaining The Optimum Value From Every Link Is

So, with the algorithm constantly changing, as an SEO you have to change tactics. Go beyond the focus of backlinks.

But focus on efficiency, and achieving the best of every link you gain.

This is where citations come in.

By building out citations, you leverage the power of every link you gain.

The reason for this, is that you build the reputation of the business. Your business. You build trust in Google. And the more trust Google has, of the business or brand you are building. The more power those links then pass. Effectively.

Shock. Depending on the niche involved it is possible to rank well through just citations.

And in competitive fields it can be hard to rank without citations.

When you mix citations in, you find that the amount of backlinks you may have thought were needed for solid effect is greatly reduced. For some magical reason, every link has become more powerful.

The Google algorithm takes into account a myriad of factors.

Way beyond sheer number of backlinks.

That said, links are still cited as being one of the most important things, in calculating rankings.

Though with them are content and what comes from Rank Brain.

There is an evolutionary process in play here. And with AI coming into the mix, Google is learning faster than ever. So moving beyond getting link after link, after link. And into something which generates an image of a truly trustworthy, reliable and in demand business is critical.

Hence the reason citation building is an important tactic in 2018.

Citation building increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your link campaign. Squeezing far more juice out of each link. So you get more from each link. Yet in many ways with less work.

Creating a citation is in many ways easier and quicker than earning a link.

Outreach, guest posting, broken link building all take a lot of time. As does blogging when you take it to the high level required for serious link bait. SEO and the campaign you run to gain each and every backlink has to evolve. 2018 is seeing SEO changing more than ever before. And in a good way.

By taking these changes on board. And working with them effectively.

You can achieve far better results with backlinks.

Plus you can do so with a higher degree of safety and insulation.

A Word Of Caution On Citation Building Techniques And The Strategy For 2018

Whilst taking time to create a healthy citation profile is good.

You have to be cautious as to how many and where you build them.

Plus how you balance them off with other elements of SEO. Especially the number of backlinks gained.

If you are too heavy with citations. Build too many on certain sites, or irrelevant sites. You can harm the image that Google has of the business you are building up online. Your citation profile, as with your backlink profile, in short needs to be finessed.

Less is not necessarily more. But too much is definitely less.

Exercise caution, build appropriately and balance off with backlinks of quality to demonstrate greater value.

The link is far from dead in terms of value.

But more can be gained from each link. Through developing a broader picture.

So make every link count. The link building you do should be backed up with a quality citation profile. One that justifies every single backlink gained to Google, and shows you are a real business. This is an absolute must do strategy for 2018.

Mentions An Evolutionary Step Beyond The Humble Link In Terms Of Ranking

There has been an interesting effect noted in 2018.

Whilst a lot of sites have slipped in rankings. Even though they continue the process to gain link after link.

Others have seen rankings improve, with significantly less backlinks than others.

Another dimension has come into the mix that changes the value perceived in each link.

Brand mentions are now a big factor.

NOTE: A brand mention does not involve a link!

How Are Brand Mentions Involved With Link Building Strategies In 2018?

So if a brand mention does not involve a link. How is it valuable?

Mentions are valuable in much the same way as citations are.

Google pours through page, after page, of content day, after day. Whilst one of the things it is doing is link analysis. Checking where each link goes, and ascertaining the value of each link. It is doing a lot more too.

One of the major things that Google does, is building up a database of how things fit together. And what is important.

Yes, backlinks are a factor as you know. And with Rank Brain in effect, the perception of what is important has changed. Massively. This is one of the really important points for your strategy in 2018. The impact Rank Brain has had on the work you do with SEO.

2018 has seen a huge evolution in search. And the link building you do has to be balanced off with other trust measures now. We have come way beyond linking and backlinks in 2018. It is essential for you to adapt your strategy for link building as a result.

Rank brain is on the march. And the way backlinks are valued, has changed for good.

This is part of the reason citations became important. References referring to real businesses being noted.

But, mentions being noted takes this to a very different level.

Mentions are like a link without the actual link in certain ways.

When you have a highly unique business name, that business name becomes highly noticeable.

As Google goes through all the content on pages, it is working out what those pages are about, by looking at the words on the page. The backlinks are of far less importance when it comes to working out content meaning, than the actual words present.

So when certain words, or names. Brand names. Keep coming up, Google begins to take note.

The more mentions a brand name has. The more important is perceives that brand to be.

Are All Brand Mentions The Same? Is There Any Difference In Value?

This is getting into a similar way that each link is valued. But think about it.

If you are mentioned in a blog that no-one reads, what is your expected effect?

How about, if you are mentioned in a really big authoritative site, like CNN?

Context and mention location, are important. Much as link location is too. Part of the reason they have become important is that, people are far less likely to pay for their brand being mentioned somewhere on a web page, than they are for a link.

So it starts to circumvent the link issues Google has experienced with SEO experts, and the work they do.

And by moving beyond checking for backlinks, and picking up on what are largely unmanipulated things like brand mentions. Google has a new way to find value. Time for a strategy change.

Making Use Of Brand Mentions In Your Link Gaining Strategy For 2018

Getting backlinks, quality links gained through honest ethical practices, is still incredibly important in 2018. Augmenting them with citations. Exceptionally high quality content. And a good sprinkling of quality mentions, is essential within your strategy mix now.

As you look to the points of greatest power and authority when sourcing a link.

The same should be done when seeking a brand mention.

Ideally you are looking to get both your link and mention within the same content on a highly respected and authoritative site.

Get a link and a mention for your brand together in this way, and you will do well.

Whilst the link helps you gain power, and relevance for what you do.

The brand mention helps you gain trust in another manner. And working the two things together leads to a multiplicative effect.

You gain much greater strength due to trust, for the link you earned by using this strategy.

Wikipedia The Holy Grail Link For Those With Serious Campaigns In 2018

Wikipedia has been a backlink target for many for a long time.

Yes, links here are no-follow.

And yet still insanely valuable.

Why? Well if you are asking that then likely you need to re-read everything above this point in the 2018 strategy guide you are reading about linking!

Wikipedia Can You Really Measure The Value Of A No-Follow Link Here?

Realistically the answer is no. And that is for a large number of reasons.

For a start Wikipedia is about the most trusted site on the internet. They have seriously rigorous editorial procedures. As many digital marketers will know. So gaining backlinks from Wikipedia is insanely hard. It takes more than simple link building to land a backlink here.

Again. Google knows this. But this is about far more than direct value.

They are after all no-follow backlinks. And as such pass zero juice.

So, why would you want one of these links?

This ties in with other earlier elements of the 2018 link building strategy. And getting the best effect from SEO work that you do.

A key point is the factor that you are gaining credit as an authority.

For Wikipedia to approve a backlink, even if it is a no-follow backlink, to your site then you absolutely are doing something of value. Your value, and the value you give to others in terms of information, or what you do, essentially becomes a verified fact. Period. Hence the accreditation in the form of a backlink.

Again, Google is aware of this. It is why links from authority sites are so insanely valuable. Even when they are no-follow.

The value transcends the direct link value.

It becomes about the indirect, far wider effect that such backlinks actually generate, for your website.

Wikipedia Backlinks Bring Authority Through Trust And Recognition In A Very Expansive Way

This goes way beyond what the Google algorithm does, when looking at a single piece of content, and its backlinks. You have got to see the big picture, the 100,000ft overview that comes from this.

Wikipedia is a very high traffic, very highly trusted site.

By people all around the world.

When people are doing research, for just about anything, it is one of the go to places.

It is part of the knowledge and information gaining strategy used by all.

Basically because their editorial is so rigorous. And everything has to be verified as good, prior to approval, and links being awarded. So whether people are searching for information about a destination, a term they know nothing about, or even a business. They know they can get reliable information from Wikipedia.

It is a major go to source for a lot of bloggers.

Bloggers looking for ideas, and reference sources for their blog posts.

When people are going through verifying data and information for posts and articles, citing sources that back them up is important.

Critically important.

This is where you cultivate referral authority as a strategy for link building.

Through until 2017 link building was very linear. It was almost single dimensional. You could place a backlink almost anywhere, and Google would give you love. Changes with the algorithm. Organic evolution of search to evaluate natural patterns. Blew that type of backlink strategy, out of the water.

The various updates of the last twelve to fifteen months, have compounded that.

All of them, have been focused on altering the value of backlinks. And importantly weeding out spam, along with unnatural, and paid backlink profiles. Google has sharpened its scalpel, and has been cutting out those infringing their ToS. Something that is only set to continue.

Google has a firm strategy to remove spam from its index.

Your Only Choice Is To Get Other People Creating Backlinks To You Due To Your Inherent Value

Hence the reason that gaining even just a single backlink from Wikipedia, is so important.

It gives your website, your content, justification for gaining each and every link you need.

Create something worth linking to.

Something so insanely good that Wikipedia, and some of its many editors, take note.

Create something with so much depth. That is so compelling, that the people at Wikipedia decide you are worthy of inclusion. And decide to link to you. Compel Wikipedia to give you the backlink you want, purely through value and quality. The value of this to your entire link building strategy is incredible.

When You Create Content And Value Of This Magnitude For A Wikipedia Backlink The Effect Cascades

We have already discussed outreach. Of the value you need to demonstrate.

What if, you didn’t need to do outreach to get backlinks? What if, Wikipedia effectively handled that for you? What if, they did your linking for you, on autopilot?

This is a strategy which produces business changing results.

For 2018 and beyond this is a major focal point whatever other strategies you are running. As Google grades down to finer and finer tooth combs. Stroking them through. Finding backlinks which lack justification, then issuing penalties to the offending sites. You have to ensure you present quality justification for the backlinks you have.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A single Wikipedia link gives a massive amount of justification.” quote=”A single Wikipedia link gives a massive amount of justification.” theme=”style4″]

It places you as a serious authority on the subject they are referencing. So to have other links coming to you is only natural. After all, people acknowledge authority and quality. And bloggers do this via linking.

Why Stop At A Single Wiki Link? What Effect Would A Big Set Of Wikipedia Links Have?

More, is definitely far from less here.

When you are getting multiple backlinks from Wikipedia, you are effectively getting rockstar status!

A single backlink could be a one off.

A single piece that you understand and specialize in. And that is that. A one hit wonder.

Attract a stack of backlinks from Wikipedia? People start looking at things very differently.

Whilst they may never have heard of you before, they will automatically see you as the expert on that subject. And the related subjects from whatever pages the backlinks are coming from.

This also spirals into the territory where, people at Wikipedia will also create a page for either your, as the expert. Or for your business. Depending on the accent taken from the linking they see going out to you. Yet more backlinks that flow to you, without even asking!

At the point where Wikipedia generates a page about your or your business, something incredibly magical happens.

Naturally Google recognizes you as a person or brand of authority.

In a way that is, beyond that which it previously did.

And others take note too.

News sources, reporters and other such people start reaching out to you. Because they want your input on stories, articles and more. They actively wish to cite you. They want to reference you.

Something which only serves to expand your recognition and visibility.

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Gaining Wikipedia Backlinks Is A Strategy Which Is About The Ripple Effect

The investment you make when targeting Wikipedia for a link should never be about that single link.

From what was mentioned about that, it should be very apparent. Granted these links bring esteem, credibility and a level of recognition which does empower your strategy results. The true value from Wikipedia links is in the linking, specifically the link building done by others, that comes as a result of them.

Many SEO experts spend tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to create backlinks with PBNs which “look natural” every year. Creating backlinks which have been proven to be hazardous to site health.

Whilst gaining a single Wikipedia link may require a lot more investment. Generating exceptionally high level content. Ensuring the content is visible and perceived as valuable. All takes energy and time.

And when in place it triggers a huge diversity of linking.

It generates a totally natural link profile.

For free.

Because you get natural links.

This has to be a major focus for you, as an SEO running any backlink gaining campaign.

It it comes in at a much better ROI than the cost of buying and creating PBNs for backlinks. So basically there is zero reason to do anything other than, ethically inducing links like this.

If you are concerned about putting in hard work, then stop doing client SEO work!

If you have zero desire to put hard work into your own business, and rankings, then go and get a job. Gaining backlinks is getting more challenging every day. And Google is only going to change the goal posts in the future anyway. So you are in a position where you have ongoing work which is effectively always going to have challenges. Link building gets harder every day. Because everyone wants links, and more of them.

You know this already. It is why you did a Google search for Linking Strategies 2018. Because you needed help.

That need for help is set to continue.

Unless you adapt to the state where you are inducing natural linking.

And building cumulative strength. By consistently gaining real backlinks. Due to the the value that you are providing.

If you are good with that then get to work.

Plough your resources into developing amazing content, that lands you mentions, and links in Wikipedia. Then capitalize on those, by developing even more content and value, to trigger a snowball effect.

One that draws quality backlinks to you like a magnet, from real websites.

Link Building Techniques, Tactics and Strategies To Avoid Like The Plague In 2018

So you have read through the best strategies to follow for gaining backlinks to help you rank well in 2018. Which is great. The chances are that many reading this are still running outmoded link building methods which could torpedo the quality links they gain.

By the way. If you think we are done with the good strategies, think again.

There is still far more to come including more incredible secrets!

For now though, focus on ensuring you are keeping clear of these link building techniques:

These four things are exactly the type that have been landing lots of site owners in trouble. Whilst such backlinks can generate small bumps in ranking, they get detected fast and the long periods of exile outside of Google’s index ensure that they are far from worthwhile. Google penalties are the last thing you want or need as a business owner.

The crazy thing is that a lot of people in SEO still use them.

Or worse still, teacher others to use these site ending techniques.

[clickToTweet tweet=”PBN Links Will Be The Death Of Your Site, Or Worse, Your Clients Site!” quote=”PBN Links Will Be The Death Of Your Site, Or Worse, Your Clients Site!” theme=”style5″]

PBN Links Will Be The Death Of Your Site, Or Worse, Your Clients Site!

For a long time PBNs, or private blog networks, were the secret weapons used by many.

The ability to re-task a powerful site’s power, into something that needed ranking was just too tempting. And that power corrupted some, into wanting to take easy options, when the desire to gain backlinks was raised.

They are, and always have been, an infringement of Google’s ToS.

Point blank, they are used to manipulate rankings.

Whilst SEO is all about enhancing rankings, there are good and bad ways to do so.

And to risk a website ban, which can last years, just for a short term result is idiotic.

The whole reason the PBN became popular was due to the way ranking worked. Note that. Past tense. WORKED!

Ranking used to be solely about backlinks. And the amount of power you could point, at your target. Point enough powerful backlinks at something, and it would rank. Google though was obviously aware, that people were doing this. The fact that various less than clever people made videos they then shared via YouTube, about how they could rank a website in under 5 minutes did a lot to seal that fate.

Has they kept quiet it may have worked for longer.

But terms of service, are terms of service.

And Google being one of the largest data gatherers in the world, they were going to notice at some point.

So they adapted the algorithm to spot and weed out PBNs. And lots of people lost rankings and websites.

Some are still getting results.

Masking their nefarious doings with various trickery.

But all that is just camouflage. And at some point technology always catches up. And detection mechanisms find what was attempting to remain hidden.

[clickToTweet tweet=”PBNs Why Sleep With A Sword Hanging Over Your Head Just For A Quick Backlink?” quote=”PBNs Why Sleep With A Sword Hanging Over Your Head Just For A Quick Backlink?” theme=”style5″]

PBNs Why Sleep With A Sword Hanging Over Your Head Just For A Quick Backlink?

Basically if you use PBN backlinks, you are sleeping with a sword over your head.

One that could fall at any moment, and cut the head off your business.

What sane person would do that?

Those backlinks are never worth it. Build something that is going to last using the strategies and tactics shared earlier. Work with techniques that are within the terms of service of Google. And keep your business healthy and growing.

Avoid PBNs like the plague!

SEO Link Building Software For The Dinosaurs Still Using It Just Stop

Ten years ago SEO link building software was seen as the way forward.

After all, you could write a quick piece of junk 500 word content.

Stick it through a spinner. Which turned it into thousands of unique, and totally unreadable articles.

Then blast your desired link, or links, out to several tens of thousands of sites. All while you sat and had a cup of coffee, took a nap or played Call of Duty! It was a dream for every lazy SEO!

It also created an absolutely huge footprint of spam that Google fast worked out how to map.

Then guess what?

Yep. Penalties. Bans. And lots of tears!

Plus various SEO “experts” trying to explain what had happened and “how evil” the big G was for doing this! Seriously. It was a blatant infringement of the terms of service and a nightmare waiting to happen.

Fast forward to now. And even after the various nightmares from the first round of Penguin and Panda updates. Some people are still using SEO link building software. Or attempting to sell it to the unsuspecting masses, because it is new and improved. And heck it will even drink your coffee for you now!

But the story is still the same.

Infringes ToS. Leaves footprint. Gets detected. Site gets banned.

Never Short Change Your Ability To Succeed By Using SEO Link Building Software, Ever!

Whilst the ads may seem shiny. And having a tool that “works on autopilot while you sleep” may sound great. These things leave a footprint that screams, and shines a light on, ToS infringements.

And causes so much heartache that you will wish you had never used it in the first place.

Google is about natural quality content.

Content which has value and is genuinely valued by others.

Just give Google, and your users, what they want and stop attempting to cut corners to save a few dollars.

Invest in yourself and your business properly.

Gain quality backlinks in a credible and honest manner.

Then enjoy the long-term ROI which just keeps getting better and better.

If you have any SEO link building software, just hit delete.

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Outsourcing Link Building On Sites For Between $4 And $6! Yes You Know The Shady Places

There are various sites where “SEO Experts” can give you page one rankings for just $5.

Seriously, they are spinning you a line. One that will break when tension is applied.

Likely you have seen some of these services for sale on different sites. Offering 4 high TF and CF homepage links for just $20. Or less if you buy more now. You may have been tempted. Or even gone for it.

If you did, the question is, how long until the heartache hits?

Those “cheap” services, I say cheap but they are not. That $5 seems cheap but is actually insanely expensive.

I know, “how is five bucks expensive?” Because it will likely cost you your business!

That is why.

Cheap Outsourced Link Building Comes From Two Things Spammy PBNs And Link Software

Or potentially worse, hackers. Though most self respecting hackers would never sell themselves so cheaply!

One thing to think about here, is that those people are running a business.

They are doing that to make money.

That is why they sell backlinks, you want them, they want money.

They know people will pay, because lots of people want the cheapest option. But how many links do you think they need to put on a website, to actually make money?

Now, think in context of how much it costs to build a website, and buy a good domain at auction. The cost goes up fast. And it goes up high too.

So, how many links are spamming up their PBNs, because people want to save money?

Google love them though. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

They are all there just waiting, and you can do it at your leisure. They net thousands of spam sites in that way. But for many it is just churn and burn. Which is what Google is rightly working to eliminate. Hence all the various updates.

If you wish to build a real business. Use tactics that gain you real backlinks from real sites and blogs.

Again, focus on the long term ROI. Get your SEO done right.

Never put a sword over your head with $5, or other cheap, services.

Buying Backlinks Or Paying For Backlinks Of Any Kind Is Something You Should Never Do

There are plenty of services that sell links. Some of which charge considerably more than $5.

If you use them you are still buying links. Which is still an infringement of Google’s ToS. And will result in you getting found out and your website de-indexed for however long Google decides is appropriate. Something that will cost you big time.

Sites that sell links tend to be tracked by Google.

After all, they have been noted as putting people through the courses of various “SEO Experts”, which has lead to Google refining its algorithm in an amazing way.

So the likelihood is, they know which websites have paid links on. And are ready to drop the sword, whenever they wish.

Buying Backlinks And Paying For Outreach Services A Subtle Yet Important Nuance

Whilst outright giving someone money for a backlink is going to cause you issues. Paying people to perform outreach is another matter entirely. With outreach you are paying for time and energy. The effort that goes into promoting an idea or proposition to someone. Which they then make a decision on of their own accord.

After all you can pay a writer to create content for you. Pay a salesperson to go and sell for you. You tip waiting staff for bringing food to you. It is all honest service.

So while you should never pay someone to create a backlink for you. Whatever site it is on.

Rewarding a skilled communicator, to help you induce someone’s good favor, is another matter entirely. We all have our particular skills. If your communication skills, and ability to build a high degree of rapport via email and the written word are lacking, then hire a pro to do that for you.

But never, ever, ever, pay money for backlinks.

Strategy: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Backlinks And Backlink Building In 2018

So you have been walked through the backlink strategies that can land you on cloud nine.

You have glimpsed the bad strategies of nightmare SEO backlinking.

And noted the ugly consequences of infringing the Google ToS.

But this is far from over yet. You have effectively only just had the choice between the blue pill and the red pill. If you have been using the bad strategies for building backlinks, through PBNs, link building software or nasty $5 gigs. Then taking the blue pill will have you remaining in a bubble that makes you think penalties will never happen to you.

If you are ready to take the red pill, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Feel free.

Wake up and come into a world where amazing rankings and traffic happen.

All it takes is a little focus and energy.

Then gloriously good links flow to you.

The Top Solo Strategies Again For Getting The Best With Backlinks In 2018

So as a quick recap, these are the individual strategies for backlink success in 2018:

Running a single strategy for anything tends to be risky.

There are always variables.

Things in an organic, evolutionary system are always subject to change. At a moments notice.

Especially when the system is outside of your control. Which Google is. Unless your name is Sundai Pichai and you are the CEO of Google.

So how do you deal with a system that is constantly evolving and changing?

Backlinks: Adaptive Strategy For Mitigation And Evolution With Google And Backlink Value

Linear rules of attack and defence state that if the attack method remains the same you build a defence that nullifies it. Then if the power is increased you just strengthen the defence.

Google has known about the use of backlinks to enhance ranking for a long time.

Hence the adaptation and evolution.

So how do you win when something adapts to each different method of attack you attempt?

You use adaptive strategies and tactics.

Google understands what a lot of SEO practitioners are doing. Because they are predictable. They flow along the same lines, and build properties that can be traced, and mitigated.

Google works on sensing what is natural. Then applying that calibration, to find things which are unnatural. And when it finds something it feels is unnatural it pays closer attention. With the potential penalty waiting to happen.

So to overcome this, you have to move, and do everything in as natural a way as possible.

Hence the much earlier discussed reason, for focusing on delivering amazing content. And an amazing UE/UX. All of which fulfils your visitors UI.

This is why the development of high quality blogging, has made such strides.

Yet that alone is less than you may need for the success you desire.

Or for the success that your clients are asking you to get for them.

2018 Time To Develop An Asymmetric Linking Method For Naturally Gaining Backlinks

An asymmetric strategy is one that is evolving and changing itself.

Basically, stop sticking to doing a single thing to get your backlinks.

Combination and variation is where the real success comes. With good fortune you had already picked up on hints to that thread far earlier on in this strategy guide.

Backlink Lessons From Nature

Slight tangent. Take a look at nature. Is anything ever the same? Is anything totally identical?

Even “identical twins” are not really identical, they tend to be mirror images if you look closely. Often with subtle variations.

This is because nature is organic.

Guess what, people run websites. And people are organic.

So having everything look the same is just unnatural. Google knows this.

So adapt to it. Work with different strategies. Do things in different ways and go to different places for the backlinks you need in order to rank well.

Work through the various strategies indicated as top linking strategies 2018.

Pick and mix from week to week, or month to month.

Create a diverse and hugely varied link profile which is healthy and builds trust in your site.



Use This Knowledge To Your Advantage To Create A More Diverse Backlink Profile And Power Ahead In SERPs

Most so called SEO experts, are totally unaware of that secret at the time of publishing this.

So do yourself a favor, and capitalize on the inside knowledge you have just been given!

This one little tip, could help you to gain important links far more easily, than at first you may think. This is something that can be used in combination, with any and all of the winning link building strategies. And will help you to achieve, and enjoy an even better effect.

If you wish to merge undetected with nature, become what you need to become one with it.

Use this to help your website achieve a more natural link profile.

Anchor text is after all one of the big things that gets people in trouble when they do SEO.

Shift your focus and generate relevance in a different way.

Migrating Your Site To A Natural Backlink Profile With A Broad Building Strategy In 2018

Switching building techniques, tactics and strategies up on a regular basis is fine. It does after all help you to gain a mixture of different links for your link profile. With the focus on quality links, from real websites with real traffic. The results you can achieve from that are good.

And you can do even better too.

While you work away, one strategy at a time. Those links will accrue relatively slowly.

Of course those links will be beneficial. And yet more is possible.

It is possible to work numerous link building strategies together at the same time. Something which then opens up the scope for creating rather more dramatic results for you.

There are a number of ways you can do this.

All of which create a far stronger benefit for you, or your client.

Building Links Creating Your Primary Focus And Building Strategy

Within the list of core individual backlink strategies you should well have noticed a common thread.

Something which was critical to actually inducing the best results with each of them. Especially when you are looking to attract natural linking. Which is the way forward in 2018 for everyone wishing to stay in Google’s good graces.

If you are unsure what that common thread was you may wish to re-read the following sections regarding

Each of these strategies have a serious commonality. One which underlies, and indicates where things are going with search engines, and search results in 2018. And beyond.

It is something you should be looking to have, as an element of every strategy you use, for building links. As well as something you should hold, as a key focal point for success, with your own business and website.

It is the missing link, from the strategy checklist, of the majority of people doing SEO.

Yet it is a critical point, for everyone achieving success with SEO.

High quality content.

Content which is so strong. So well written and optimized that it ranks with minimal linking.

The benefit of that being, that because it ranks so well, it naturally magnetizes backlinks. People want to reference authority sources in their posts.

So by creating great content you gain backlinks. Potentially better than everything you pushed hard to do in the past.

There is of course more to this.

But high quality content is the foundational element, of any truly successful strategy for building links. It gives people what they want. And it also sends the important foundation signals to Google that your work is of value. Thus giving you more room to manoeuvre.

When you have the best content on the internet, you naturally justify sites like Wikipedia linking to you.

When your infographics are incredible, people naturally want to reference and link to them.

When your blog posts are amazing people are naturally drawn to follow and link to you.

When you are producing amazing guest posts, your reputation expands greatly.

Altogether this mixes in, to develop a kind of perfect storm when it comes to linking. It all starts to feed on itself, and turns into a type of self perpetuating spiral, of naturally accumulating backlinks. All of which cluster in on, and support, the growth of your site.

This is how you create a natural backlink profile.

You give so much justification for having it, that it just comes into being naturally!

But I Am Just Starting! How Do I Get The Backlink Ball Rolling And Rank A New Site In 2018?

This is a great question. And it is really simple to answer.

So just relax and be at ease.

Even if you are starting a totally new site.

Or have an older site that gets zero traffic.

You can still use the above strategies, to get your fledgling site off the ground. And flying high.

Whatever your starting point, you can create at least one truly amazing piece of content. Either yourself, or using the services of a really really good writer. The choice is yours.

The question for many is what comes next?

Do you just straight off start building links? Or do you do something else first?

The Second Foundation Point For New Sites And Link Building Strategy In 2018

Critically you have to justify having the backlinks you gain.

If you go straight out building links and plough hard, Google will smell something funny. Even if you have amazing content on your website.

Problems will ensue as a result.

No, there is something else first.

Traffic is your key here.

Traffic Gives Justification For Linking

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If links appear, without anyone seeing a site, then how can people have known the content was worthwhile? They can’t. Unless someone told them. But if no-one saw the content, then who could have told them. The only answer is, the site owner. Conclusion, paid links are involved. Ergo, penalty.

This is an easy situation to fix.

Social media is massive now. Plus most people have friends, whether they are on social media or not.

Start getting at least some traffic going to your site.

Share it on social media as widely as possible. Properly done social sharing can stimulate a lot of traffic. Or just email friends and ask them to check it out and give you feedback.

There are lots of things you can do to start getting traffic moving.

Having Gained Some Traffic You Can Start Building Links Using Different Strategies

Wikipedia straight off the bat is unlikely to happen. It might, the chance is slim though.

Unless you are doing something ground breaking and have a lot of media attention. So basically, leave that for later.

Your easy wins at the beginning are going to be using the following strategies:

Citations are a solid first step.

They are the initial set of signals, to Google, that you are a real business.

That you are trustworthy. And that room should be made for your pages to be seen in search results.

With your business details being seen in various key locations, you will notice some elevation beginning. Plus some of the places you put citations, have the chance to bring you some visitors too.

Therefore helping you fulfill the traffic required to justify backlinks.

With the guest posting you are wanting to create amazing quality content again. Then get it on to quality websites. So that you can get good quality links. Right from the start, keep your focus on quality.

The higher the quality that you work with, the better the position you put yourself in.

It is the case of success by association here.

It is true with all manner of things in life. And especially so, with backlinks and link building.

In addition to the guest posting, using the described strategies, for outreach and blog commenting will help you early on too.

Build relationships with people in your field, and see how you can work together.


Round ups are used by a lot of people. It is amazing how many journalists use them. They are also a great way to start relationship building.

You can use the lure of a round up as part of an outreach strategy. Asking experts for their thoughts, then giving them credit. Keep on developing a dialogue. Then at the right time see if you can induce a link from them.

You can also use the point of a round up when doing outreach via blog commenting. The key point again being to stimulate a relationship.

These three strategies when worked together can bring you the first natural links that really start to get your website off the ground and flying.

They are also fairly easy to implement.

The trick as always is building the relationships. And also reaching the right people.

Whilst in many ways these strategies are fairly easy, they will take a reasonable amount of energy. And potentially a lot of time.

At the start you are an unknown. So catching people’s attention could be challenging.

It is for this reason, that business owners come to an SEO agency for help in the first place really. Partly because, their business lacks the recognition they need, to gain the traffic and sales they want. And also, because of the amount of time and energy required, to actually stimulate quality results.

This is why the number of SEO consultants has thinned in the last few years.

And continues to do so. SEO has become harder work.

Gaining each and every backlink requires more effort.

And to actually bring together a good number of backlinks. As well as relevant, focused and good quality backlinks, requires solid work.

You have to be prepared to invest for a long term result.

The Speed Of Results From Your Initial Efforts To Build Links With A New Site In 2018

With changes to the Google algorithm it now takes longer to rank well in Google.

There was a very specific patent about this that Google created in 2017.

So now in 2018 it can take up to around three months before you gain the full value of a link. Depending on a number of factors surrounding the link itself.

In addition to this, there are lots more people getting SEO work done. And competition levels on the internet have risen sharply for just about everything. The major search terms especially.

Whilst some easy things make take three months to ranks for. Others could take one or two years or more to start getting solid results.

Depending on the strategies and tactics you combine in order to leverage action.


You have to work at a steady pace with these strategies.

Keeping an appropriate number of links to the volume of visitors coming to your site.

If you are getting a lot of visitors then lots of links is fine.

If you have zero visitors and a ton of links. Well, as mentioned earlier, you will have a problem.

Keep appropriate to your visitor levels. And never use junk traffic from cheap services to bulk that out. Google can recognize bot traffic and smell a rat.

Keep it clean and work steadily to earn the rewards you seek.

If you need help to get things moving faster, then accept the fact that you will need the help of a professional SEO to get that happening.

Building Links As You Site Starts Gaining Momentum And Broadening Your Strategy

Once you have backlinks coming in. And your traffic is becoming more stable. Plus you have developed sales to a reasonable level. You can start doing more, and investing in more things to help you attract quality links.

You also gain justification as a result for other building techniques.

Building Strategy For The Next Phases

At this point in time these are the strategies you should be adding into the mix.


The link building activities you started out with are still good. Well coordinated strategies that involve gaining those links are still good. Plus by building relationships wider through the outreach and blog commenting you are building up stock for later efforts.

Whilst instant pay off is good. Sometimes the best results are worth waiting for.

Keep on reading and you will discover why!

For now you it is worthwhile to combine guest posting, outreach and blog commenting with the above mentioned strategies.

Reinvesting In Your Site With High Quality Blog Posts, Amazing Articles And Attractive Infographics

With sales or commissions coming in you can begin to invest in higher quality content for your pages and for blogging. Getting really amazing content which serves as link bait for your site. Something that will really help you power up and rank well.

Larger pieces with a greater diversity of keywords, will also serve to bring you a more diverse range of impressions in SERPs too. With that greater range of impressions, helping you to earn more clicks in search results. And with them traffic, that will convert on your offers. As well as create further natural backlinks, to your site and content.

This is a great time for building on the foundations, and solidifying your website.

Linking strategies are only viable when the content and offers you have, justify those links.

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So, share amazing blog posts. Build up astounding authority articles to draw people in. And augment them with stunning infographics that underscore your status. As the expert in your field.

This is consolidation work for your backlink efforts.

Pull everything together. And give it reason for perpetuation.

With this going, you can have solid justification, for then swaying owners of broken links to switch out.

As A Notable Expert In Your Area It Is Easy To Justify The Re-Pointing Of Broken Links

Broken link building, on quality sites remember, can now begin in earnest.

In truth you could have started earlier. But that leads to another secret tip.


Now you have quality traffic coming to you due to the backlinks gained through the various strategies you have been using. Along with a solid following. And rising status in your field.

Broken link building efforts will become far easier.

When site owners are approached. And gently nudged that some of their links, no longer go anywhere. So maybe, “this great article” would be worth moving their link target to. Is likely to be, far better received.

When your site has been seen, and noted by others. They will be happier to move a dead link across. Basically, they wish to be linking to quality sites for the benefit of their visitors.

It becomes a benefit for everyone.

So at this stage broken link building is much more rewarding, than in earlier foundation stages.

And by layering this in now, Google also picks up more signals due to the change of existing backlinks, that your site is a good one to have rank well.

Plus, the sites that switch their links, will have a positive effect on their rankings.

And you can earn another source of referral traffic, to help you become a greater success.

Mentions Are Now Justified Due To The Ranking Effects That Come From Your Backlinks And Content

Everything that has come together from the combined strategies of

Will have brought you to a point whereby, you are firmly getting noticed. This is where all of the earlier efforts. The sweat and tears. The late nights of toiling away building things up. Building links, through strategies used to build relationships, that induce natural links. Through creating content, which stimulates natural backlinks. And everything else you have worked to achieve, starts to really come together.

This is when you will find that brand mentions start coming.

As they do you will find that your brand becomes a search term itself.

And whilst brand mentions may not be backlinks. They form a seriously powerful component, of linking strategies in 2018.

The trust value in all of your links, becomes greater. Also by being a recognized brand, you will attract more backlinks naturally too. With more people knowing about you, you gain more traffic. With more traffic, you come to gain more backlinks, from the bloggers who visit your site.

As well as, other sources of authority whose radar you appear on.

And that is another powerful thing.

What Authority Has Done To Change Link Value In 2018

The value of authority and the targeting of quality sites for building links has been mentioned various times.

The stronger, and more reputable, the sites are, that put up backlinks to you. The stronger the effect you will notice.

Relevance is key as discussed much earlier. More so than raw power.

And when authority sites link to you you gain the mix of both. And when relevance and power are mixed and sent through a backlink to your site.

You get much bigger effects in search results.

Especially when traffic is flowing too.

When you get a mention on an authority site, there is a good likelihood they will link to you too. And provided it is a good article, with a good number of readers. You are likely to receive referral traffic from that site too.

Another awesome signal.

And yet more opportunity for further backlinks too.

Your site is becoming truly noticed and highly valued at this point. Which brings further opportunity!

Wikipedia Backlinks The Crowning Jewels That Solidify Authority

At this point you are likely to be drawing enough attention that Wikipedia can take note.

And believe me, it is only when you are really noteworthy that a backlink from them becomes possible. And having achieved mentions, and potentially having been the subject of various articles. You will be noteworthy.

As such, as long as there is quality reason. Justification will be found for giving you a backlink on Wikipedia.

And that can then bring an even greater cascade of good things for you.

Plus having earned one Wikipedia backlink.

You will easily be able, to earn further successive backlinks on Wikipedia too.

The Value Of Taking The Time Building Links The Right Way And Building Site Momentum

When you work on building links the right way. Through taking time. Doing the best possible to earn each backlink. Then consolidating and working to naturally accumulate natural backlinks properly.

Magical things happen with the success of your website.

Building links carefully and consistently, leads to an effect, that spirals in a very positive way.

And the momentum that creates, takes you to the point where, Wikipedia and other great authority sites reference your value. Something which helps you, to then accumulate even more strength, via further backlinks which people wish to, bestow on you.

Yes, it does take time.

Everything worthwhile takes time.

So never short change yourself. Just focus on your goal and work so that is happens.

Linking Strategies 2018 A Final Word On Authority, Strategy And Tactics For Building Links And Link Success

This is a lot to do.

While each strategy may seem simple. And basically they are.

It all takes finesse and diligence, to bring about the best results. To gain the best backlinks.

All of which will require, time and energy. Likely a lot of both.

So, think carefully, on how fast you are both wanting, and expecting results, within Google.

If you are happy doing things slowly. Working steadily, and picking up both backlinks and success, steadily over time. Then do so.

If you are wanting things on a tighter timeline. Sooner, than you can likely get on your own. And especially if, you are in a competitive field.

Then getting help from an SEO agency should be seriously considered.

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An Experienced SEO Can Help You Gain The Natural Backlinks You Need More Easily

A simple SEO site audit will help you. And aid you to understand areas of growth, for your site. It will help you to understand, the on page SEO factors that can drive your growth. Plus, bring insight into the amount of backlinks, you should be factoring in for growth as part of your 2018 strategy.

By using an experienced SEO, you can gain those harder to source backlinks far more easily. The experience a SEO has, from working with all the above strategies. For building links is why so many businesses use them. Those links are what you need to trigger real growth.

So if you are needing help to get your business growing faster.

Get an SEO expert to help you.

That way, you will most assuredly get the best results, from everything shared in this Linking Strategies 2018 guide. And building links will be easy, because you will have the best SEO professionals building those backlinks for you. So. Get help. Get your SEO carried out to perfection by the best. With a trust building strategy, and link building work that has you flying in 2018.